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Gilmore Girls coloring tutorial

New Gilmore Girls tutorial!

Made in CS2, but translateable.

1. Crop your base to icon size.

2. Duplicate your base and set it to soft light. Then duplicate that and set it to screen. And duplicate that. And that. And that. It all depends on your picture. :)

3. New Color Fill Layer, set to Exclusion 100%. #021228

4. New Color Balance Layer
Midtones: -30, +10, +12

5. New Hue/Saturation Layer
Master Saturation: +31

6. New Color Fill Layer, set to Color Burn 100%. #dbd8d5

7. New Hue/Saturation Layer
Master Sat: -19
Reds Sat: +5
Yellows Sat: +31
Cyans Sat: +12

Examples using the same technique.

For the rest of the batch, find them here
Tags: tv: gilmore girls

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